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Speed Reading Secrets

Average readers only read 200 words per minute but our brains and eyes are capable of reading at much quicker speeds. Students can easily and instantly increase reading speeds by following these steps:

  • "Pre-read" your text.

Read through all the headings and questions before you begin reading your book so that you know what to look for in the text. Predicting what information is going to come next in the chapter will help "pull" you through the text faster and with more comprehension.

  • Use your fingers.

Using your fingers to guide you down the page of your book. This will keep you more disciplined while you increase you speed and will help stop your mind from wandering away from the book.

  • Reading faster helps you concentrate.

Test your speed when you begin reading a page. Set yourself a goal (for example, set out to double your reading time), Then set out to increase your speed without missing any information. By drilling yourself and progressively increasing your speed, you will immediately notice that your concentration actually improves automatically. Drivers who speed pay more attention to the road than drivers who travel at a leisurely pace which allows their minds to wander.

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