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Dutch colonies in North America

  • Dutch Golden Age 17th c.

  • Dutch East India Co. (established 1602)

  • ​Joint-stock company

  • ​Trading posts in Indonesia (Dutch East Indies), South Africa (Boers), Japan (Dejima)

  • In 1619 brought 20 Africans to America

  • 1609 Henry Hudson

  • Englishman working for Dutch East India Co.

  • Sailed up Hudson River

  • Discovered Manhattan

  • Capital: Ft. Orange (present-day Albany)

  • In 1614, the company of New Nethrlands establlished a capital located along Hudson ​to attract Indian fur trade

  • Patroonships

  • Rich Dutch immigrants granted patroonships on river front

  • in exchange for transporting and settling 50 families who would work for them (like serfs)

  • Dutch immigrants preferred to find land in western Long Island on Staten Island in New Jersey (where they didn't have to tip hats to patroons)

  • Algonkian massacre

  • Reduced Indian population to 70

  • Peter Minuit

  • Director General of New Netherlands (1626-1633) “bought” Manhattan from Indians (called "New Amsterdam")

  • Went back to Holland in 1638 without West India Company’s approval

  • Founded string of tiny settlements along the lower Delaware River and Delaware Bay, mostly on the western bank so as to avoid conflict with the Dutch

  • Now employed by Swedish colonial company, founded Christiana in Delaware ("New Sweden")

  • 1624 New Amsterdam established

  • The Dutch built a wall in Manhattan to defend the territory from Indians (present-day "Wall Street")

  • Other legacies of Dutch presence in New York City

  • "Holland" Tunnel

  • "Harlem," "Brooklyn," "Staten" (states) Island

  • Jersey Dutch

  • Presidents Martin van Buren, Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt all have Dutch ancestry.

  • Peter Stuyvesant

  • Joined Dutch West India Co. 1635

  • Director General of New Netherlands Colony

  • Expanded colony, built wall to defend it from Indians (present-day "Wall Street")

  • 1664 British took New Netherlands peacefully

  • Rename it New York (After Duke of York, James II)

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