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Diplomatic Revolution


  • Britain and France

  • Were economic and colonial rivals

  • Britain was blocking French access to French sugar colonies (Saint Domingue/Haiti)

  • Prussia and Austria

  • Fought over territory

  • France and Austria (Hapsburgs)

  • Were long-time rivals

  • Thirty Years War, War of Spanish Succession

  • War of Austrian Succession (1740-48)

  • Prussia and France teamed up against Austria

  • Britain and Netherlands joined Austria

  • Prussia took Silesia

  • France invaded Austrian Netherlands

  • Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle

​AFTER 1756

  • Prussia (Frederick II "the Great")

  • Feared diplomatic isolation, vulnerability

  • Signed alliance with Britain in 1756

  • Britain (George II)

  • Feared French takeover of Hanover (King George was from Hanover, Germany)

  • Welcomed growth of Prussia as a good counterbalance to France power

  • Frederick II of Prussia was George's nephew

  • Britain reaches out to Prussia to fight French

  • France (Louis XV)

  • Growing competition with Britain in North America (New France v. 13 Colonies)

  • Austria (Maria-Theresa)

  • Wants vendetta against Prussia for taking Silesia

  • Rivalry with Bourbons (France) less important than Austria's position in the Holy Roman Empire

  • Austria forged an anti-Prussian coalition with France and Russia

  • Russia (Elizabeth)

  • Empress Elizabeth (pious) hated Frederick II of Prussia

  • Saw Prussia as obstacle to Russian ambitions in eastern Europe.


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