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Period of Recovery

  1. Period begins after fall of classical civilizations

  2. Fall of Han and Roman Empire (476)

  3. China and Europe periods of decentralization in their recovery

  4. China eventually reunited as an imperial empire

  5. Roman Empire didn’t successfully reunite – regional kingdoms.

  6. Western Europe and Byzantine Empire

Growth in long-distance trade

  1. Because of improvements in technology.

  2. Silk Road, Indian Ocean, Trans-Saharan trade, Mediterranean Sea

  3. = spread of ideas, religions, technology

  4. Pax Mongolica (peace and order due to vast Mongol empire)


  1. Compass, improved shipbuilding, gunpowder

Nomadic groups

  1. Bantus, Turks, Mongols, Vikings

  2. Interacted with settled people

  3. Caused major changes throughout world

Movement of Mongols

  1. Altered much of Asia’s political structure for a time

  2. Recovery from that Mongol period introduced political structures which defined many area for centuries.


  1. Islam, Christianity, Buddhism

  2. All preached equality of all believers in eyes of God

  3. Spread of religion

  4. Helped by increase trade

  5. Religion often acted as unifying force

  6. Christianity and Church = centralizing force in Western Europe

  7. Spread of Confucianism and Buddhism solidified cultural identity.

  8. Islam created new cultural world known as dar-as-Islam which transcended political boundaries

  9. Though sometimes religion caused conflict.

  10. Ex. -- Byzantine v. Western Europe (Roman Catholicism


  1. Patriarchy values continued to dominate (Continuity)

  2. Monastic life of Buddhism and Christianity offered alternative path for women.

Political structure

  1. Adapted and changed to the new conditions of the world

  2. Centralized empires like Byzantine, Arab Caliphates and Tang and Song dynasties

  3. Built on the successful models of past

  4. Decentralized areas

  5. Western Europe and Japan

  6. Developed political organization that dealt with their unique issues


  1. Bubonic plague (Black Death), spread during this period to the movement of people and increase in interaction.

Rise of Islam

  • Muhammad, Umayyads, Abbasids

  • Dar as-Islm




  1. Tang Dynasty (618 -907)

  2. Political

  3. After fall of Han, china returned to regional small kingdoms for 400 years.

  4. 581 Sui reunited China

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