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Trade Routes


  • Details

  • Timeline: from 2nd c. BC to end of 14th c.

  • Name

  • Given in 1877 by a German geographer

  • Because of lucrative Chinese silk traded along the route

  • Geography

  • From Chang'an (Xi'an) in China

  • Through Central Asian (present day Uzbekistan) cities of Bukhara and Samarkand

  • To Mediterranean in West

  • Linked China to Roman Empire

  • Development

  • Began during Han Dynasty (206 BC - AD 220)

  • Expanded from 139 BC to 129 BC

  • Largely through missions

  • And explorations of Zhang Qian who journeyed to Western regions twice

  • Zhang Qian

  • Imperial envoy to world outside China 2nd c. BC

  • 1st official diplomat to bring back reliable info. about Central Asia to Chinese court

  • Under Emperor Wu of Han

  • Opened China to trade

  • Sima Qian

  • Compiled account of his travels in "Records of Grand Historian"

  • From Yellow Emperor to Emperor Wu of Han

  • Wars with Huns

  • Commanded by Wei Qin and Huo Qubing

  • Removed obstacles along the trade route

  • Rome-China Relations

  • Relations were indirect

  • Through intermediates (Parthians and Kushans)

  • Goods traded

  • From Rome

  • High quality glass

  • Manufactured goods from Alexandria and Syria

  • From China

  • Silk

  • So popular in Rome that it was prohibited

  • Because too much Roman sesterces coins spent to buy it

  • And because it revealed too much.

  • Porcelain

  • Buddhism

  • Fa Xian (399-414)

  • Chinese monk

  • Went to India to find better copies of Buddhist books than were available in China

  • Visited Buddhist holy sites.

  • Inspired other Buddhist monks (like Xuanzang)

  • Decline

  • Decline of Tang led to decline of Silk Road

  • An Lushan Rebellion, established rival Yan Dynasty (fell 763)

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